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Gem City College offers complete training in Jewelry repair, Hand engraving, Jewelry design, Jewelry diamond setting and design.

Excellence - it's a well-known tradition at Gem City College School of Horology. Recommendations by master jewelers across the country attest to Gem City's reputation as one of the best training centers available for learning the fine art of watchmaking, clock repair, engraving and jewelry design and repair. We offer training that can give you immediate recognition as a qualified craftsman with skills that are in great demand!

Training in engraving, Vocational training, Jewelry design training, Jewelry diamond setting and design


Gem City College is one of the few institutions in the United States to offer a thorough program of engraving. A machine can never duplicate the fine touch of expert craftsmanship and the skill of hand engraving on precious metals is experiencing a revival. A knowledge of this craft not only leads to real job opportunities, but also prepares the student to be a better jeweler because of the skills in using the graver that are learned.


Learning by doing is a trademark at Gem City College. Working at your own jeweler's bench, you'll receive individual attention and thorough, step-by-step training. The jewelry industry is in need of jewelers with skills in stone-setting, casting, enameling and designing. As you complete each project at your own pace, you'll develop the skills to qualify you as a jeweler.

The Results!

When you graduate from Gem City College School of Horology, you'll understand and appreciate the skills of a jeweler. What's more, you will have those abilities and do them well. There are always more positions than there are qualified craftsmen to fill them - positions in watch repair, clock repair, jewelry repair, engraving, and store management. Whether you work for a jewelry manufacturer, an established jewelry store, or become self-employed, you'll have the satisfaction of having a career you truly that is highly respected and financially rewarding.

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