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"For over 145 years Gem City College has been enriched by the individual and cumulative efforts of the countless students and faculty who have been a part of this institution. Perhaps less noticed, but no less important, are the hundreds of individual students who have passed through our building each and every day… the student who has a complexity of issues to deal with while attending classes… the staff member who demonstrates the calm commitment to respond and adapt to changing times… the supportive board who rise to the surface to give us sound leadership and a path to follow.

Our mission and goals are designed to achieve this vision and we offer several programs and options as well as various support services. Today Gem City College is providing a level of education and support services we scarcely could have imagined ten years ago, much less in 1870. We arrived at this point by listening and learning over the years as our students have become successful in their fields of employment. For all the knowledge we have gained and shared in the education field we are but a small piece of the total picture. And yet, without our contribution the lives of so many graduates would be less." -Russell H. Hagenah, Gem City College President

The U.S. Department of Education and Illinois Board of Higher Education requires institutions to disclose certain information. This information can be found on the Consumer Information page, and includes disclosures on graduation rates, campus security, Gainful Employment, financial aid and several other areas.

This page provides information in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA). For additional information please contact Gem City College.

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