Watchmaking and Repairing

Watchmaking is designed to give the student an understanding of practical watch work. The number of trained technicians (watchmakers) in the United States continues to decline. The available craftsmen are not able to meet all of the needs of the suppliers, technical operations, jewelry and watch establishments. The student learns hand and eye coordination, which is essential to this profession. Students learn to disassemble, clean, reassemble watches and how to order parts. Lathe work, making a staff and stem, and repairing automatics are some of the areas of additional study. Advanced training includes areas of chronographs, theory of hairsprings, watch escapement and basic mechanical skills. The training program is recognized throughout the United States. Our graduates can be found throughout the nation in jewelry stores, watch repair shops and the watchmaking industry.

For additional information regarding the Watchmaking and Repair Program, please see pages 16 and 20 of the course catalog located on the Horology Home Page.


Standard Occupational Classification – 49-9064 Watch Repairers

Repair, clean, and adjust mechanisms of timing instruments, such as watches and clocks. Includes watchmakers, watch technicians, and mechanical timepiece repairers.

Illustrative examples: Clock Repair Technician, Antique Clock Repairer, Horologist